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For 43 years, Browder's Towing & Service Center, Inc. continues to provide a variety of towing & mechanic services to Dinwiddie, Petersburg and the surrounding communities.  


In 1975, Browder's Towing founder -- Jerry Browder built his first mechanic shop behind his home and began towing operations with one light-duty tow truck and driver. In 1997, him and his wife -- Barbara Browder expanded operations to a shop location on Rt. 1 and in 2012 their daughter -- Jerrica Dixon joined the force.  


Browder's Towing & Service Center, Inc. now owns and operates 8 light and medium-duty trucks and 3 medium and heavy-duty wreckers and continues to be a driving force in the Tri-Cities towing industry.  Browder's Towing is committed to providing quality emergency and roadside towing and services, with the customer's safety, experience, and satisfaction always at the forefront.  So if you're ever in need of a tow, CALL THE PRO!


About Us

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